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This article was written by Peter Downs and is definitely worth a read.

Article marketing is something that I’ve been slow getting into, but I see the power of it over the long haul.

Listen up to what Peter has to say here!


Article Marketing is a well established method of generating free web traffic. People do it because it works, it’s as simple as that. But a common misconception of marketing with articles is that it will generate immediate results. If people don’t see their traffic levels shoot up then many give up on article marketing.

This is a mistake. Article marketing is a long term strategy.

Patience is a virtue when it comes to article marketing. As with any form of website marketing what you are trying achieve is high search engine ranking and a steady, organic stream of traffic that will fuel your business for years to come.

This will not happen overnight.

Sure, you can read stories of some short term success with article promotion. For example, when a popular Ezine picks up your article quickly and you get an influx of traffic immediately after its publication. But you should treat this as a bonus if it happens to you.

The link building power of article marketing is what will bring you traffic in the long term.

If your articles are good quality and are picked up by other website owners you’ll receive links back to your site. This builds your authority over time and people like Google will respect that and reward you with page ranking.

If you are consistent and post to article directories regularly over months, even years, there is no doubt that you will move up the rankings and hence receive increasing number of visitors to your sites.

But why do many people give up on marketing with articles. The simple reason is that people are not prepared to wait the 4-5 months it could take to start seeing the desired results.

Yet the strategy is so simple as all it takes is consistency and patience.

If your site is new it could take longer as it must go through the indexing process to start with and then wait for the search engines to crawl your site and calculate the ranking. The search engines don’t do this every week so you must be patient.

There have been reports of sudden surges of traffic, even for relatively new sites. Apart from the prospect of popular Ezine publication you can get movements if your sites ranking is re-calculated and more links are picked up. This is why if you use article marketing you should stick to a routine, say 5 article per week, submit to multiple directories, and sit back to expect results in the long term.

Try not to be discouraged and be patient because marketing with articles is one of the tried, tested and true ways to obtain free web traffic as the backbone of your business for years to come.

It is possible to write quality articles that pull in traffic if you know a few simple techniques. Learn how at:

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Article Source:—Forget-About-Article-Marketing!&id=3206434

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6 Comments on Want Instant Web Site Traffic – Forget About Article Marketing!

  1. Thom Lancaster says:

    Nice syndicated article. Peter covers all the basics.

    In fact, that reminds me of another great benefit of article marketing. If you write good quality articles, people will syndicate them.

    Of course, it work both ways. You also get a high quality of content for your site, which would otherwise have been difficult. And, it’s almost certainly content that your readers wouldn’t have seen before. It’s a win-win situation!

  2. LoneWolf says:

    Hi Thom. Good to have you drop by again.

    There are a lot of great articles by Peter over at EzineArticles, and I will be featuring some of them down the road. It’s too bad that there is a 10/year/blog limit on syndication.

    I like that the article directories give me an opportunity to put my articles out to a wider audience as well as providing me some extra content for my own sites. It is a win-win!

  3. LoneWolf says:

    Oops! It is actually 25 articles/year/blog for up to 10 domains. I knew that didn’t look right when I pressed “Submit” 8=)

  4. Casey John says:

    This is a great article. I really enjoyed reading it since this has been something i’ve been thinking about over the past few days.

    thanks for reposting it =D

  5. LoneWolf says:

    Thanks Casey. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ll be posting more of Peter’s articles over time — he’s got a lot of great information to share.

  6. Alan says:

    I’d recommend forum marketing as well.

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