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Twitter is good!

Let’s not through the wolf cub out with the bathwater!

Despite these things that I find frustrating about Twitter, I do like the service.  I will continue to use it but I will have to adapt the way that I use it to make it work for me.

First thing that I plan to do is to make more use of TweetDeck groups.  I’m currently experimenting to see how things work if I remove the All Friends panel and just set up groups of people that I want to monitor more closely.  This will help me to be able to more closely follow the people that are close to me.  The initial test has not been promising though, but I will also experiment with using searches as well as groups to see if it works.

I will continue to use DestroyTwitter for sampling my Twitter stream when I feel like checking out what is happening in the broader scope of things unless I can find a way to limit the number of updates TweetDeck grabs at a time.  Perhaps when I finally have a highspeed connection this will become a non-issue and I can just use TweetDeck.

I will continue to follow most of the people who follow me (see my criteria at Follow Me, Follow You), but I will focus mostly on those in the groups that I set up.  Those who catch my eye will be added to groups as I see fit.

As for tweeting about my own web sites, I will also continue to work on that.  I don’t plan on using artificial methods to grow my following, but I will work on making it larger to hopefully find more people who are interested in what I post about.  I may become more aggressive about finding new people to follow.  Most likely I’ll look through the followings and followers of my friends and grow from there.  I may also search for people tweeting about topics that I cover in my blogs.

I will also need to spend more time looking at other ways of promoting the blogs.  I’m looking into StumbleUpon and I still use Delicious a bit.

As I mentioned back in the Introduction, I’m hoping that I can get a system set up that works for me.  Many others have faced these same issues and some have given up on Twitter.  I don’t plan to do that.  Let me know what you’ve done to make things work for you!

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