So you want to start a blog and get rich.  But you don’t know how to get started.  That’s where WordPress Goldmine comes in.

The Premise

WordPress Goldmine (affiliate link)

WordPress Goldmine is a membership site set up by Mark Thompson that helps beginners learn how to set up and build a WordPress blog as part of an affiliate program or other income generating scheme.  There are many detailed how to videos and bonus materials to help get you up and running.  The other members of the forum also help with questions and answers.

The Details

I found that the site made it a bit difficult to find the video and bonus products as they are all in forum posts rather than dedicated pages.  However, this isn’t a major headache and you’ll find everything without too much trouble.

The videos that I looked at so far are quite easy to follow.  They are screen shots of the actual techniques with a voice over explaining what is happening.  The videos for setting up assume that you will use a hosting site using cPanel and Fantastico which are quite common, but not available on every hosting service.  If your service doesn’t use these tools then you may need to work around that part (the installation of WordPress itself) based on the tools provided.  The rest of the videos are pretty easy to follow along as long as you’re comfortable with using whatever ftp tool you’ve got.

There are also several pdf files with good content and some free themes and plugins that you might find useful.  I’ve downloaded several of them, but so far I’ve not had a chance to look at them in any detail.

The forums and bonus products in the site don’t just focus on WordPress, but also get into the affiliate marketing arena (both generally and specifically) and traffic building techniques.

One issue that I did have (and maybe I’m just being too sensitive) was a series of videos about using scribd.  This was something new to me so I thought I’d check it out.  The content in the videos wasn’t quite as good a quality as the ones produced by Mark (they were purchased by Mark for the site) but the techniques for preparing an article and uploading it to the site were technically sound.

The issue that I had was the way the content for the article was generated.  The producer of the video (Mark Hess) took an existing article from another article site and pasted the content into a spinner!  Then he put his own name as the writer, copyrighted the article and uploaded it.  Once it was uploaded he made sure that the most restrictive copyright option was selected and that the ability to copy and paste the article was removed.

Needless to say, I was not impressed by that.  I understand the concept of spinning an article, but please don’t spin someone else’s work and claim it as your own!

The Bottom Line

There is a lot of good information in here.  The monthly price is affordable ($20) and for a beginner there is a lot of material to work through.

For more advanced users the tutorials on WordPress are not really useful.  You probably know all of this stuff already.  There is still some useful things to be gleaned regarding affiliate marketing and traffic generation.  You may also find that you can make some good contacts with other bloggers who are just starting out.  You can also help out and build your karma 8=)

Either way, there is a 60 day money back guarantee so you can spend a couple months exploring to see if this is something that you want to be a part of.  If you are planning to get involved in blogging as a way to provide some income it is definitely worth checking out.  Visit WordPress Goldmine today.

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