‘Tis the Season for Giving

With the Christmas season approaching, you’ll find a lot of giveaway events that have a Christmas based theme.  There are two events that I will be contributing to during this time.  But the one that I find the most intriguing is the Christmas Greetings Giveaway.  There is an interesting twist to this event and I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

The Twist — Invisible Opt-In

In this event, members will opt-in to the event which is par for the course.  Then they will browse the selection and download free gifts (hopefully mine) and get signed up on the donor’s list.

The twist is that when they download my gift they will be signed up invisibly to my list.

I can hear you asking “What does that mean?”  It was something that I was asking myself.

Basically, rather than sending them to a landing page where they look over your sales copy and then opt-in (or not) they go directly to the download.  The giveaway script then signs them up for your list behind the scenes with the name/email that they used to join the giveaway.

What does this mean?

Your List

Well, you do need to have a special opt-in list just for this event.  I’ve set one up that will just hand them off to my main list.  The list you use should be a single opt-in although a double opt-in can be used but it is trickier.  You’ll give a direct link to your download rather than the sign up page.

Keep in mind that the user will not be taken to your normal thank you page.  The flow of sign ups isn’t quite normal.

Special Download Page

The event provides a special download page that the user will be taken to when they want to download your gift.  You have an opportunity to put some html code here to provide an OTO or other offer.  There are practical limitations to what you can put in there — i.e. width of images, etc.  But you can link to a sales page or even just copy your sales page code if it fits.

Isn’t This Sneaky?

The invisible sign up seemed a bit sneaky to me at first.  But the users are told when they sign up for the giveaway that they will be added to the mailing lists of people who’s gifts they download.  They’re also reminded when they log in to search for gifts.

Benefits to the User

So, how will this benefit the user?  The simple fact is that they will have fewer steps to download the gifts.  The won’t need to go to your landing page.  The don’t need to fill in your opt-in form.  The shouldn’t have to confirm their subscription unless your autoresponder requires you to use double opt-in.

They just get straight to the gift and are automagically on your list.

Benefits to the Contributor

But how do you, a contributor, benefit from this giveaway model.  The simple answer is that more users will end up on your list (provided your sales copy is compelling).  The roadblocks to signing up are removed.

This event is also geared towards personal development which is a niche that I’m working in.  So the visitors will be more targeted than most of the IM themed giveaways that are out there.

Given these factors, it should produce a decent growth of your list.

Promotion Requirements

There are promotion requirements, similar to any giveaway event.  As a contributor you are expected to bring in some members.  When we all work together we all win.

The requirements aren’t too steep but it will be a challenge for those of us with smaller lists.  At least this event fits better with the niche of my lists so I’ll feel better about promoting it.

The more members that you refer, the higher your gift will show in the list.

You’ll also be required to have a minimum number of members sign up during the event or your gift will be removed.  That means you’ll need to keep promoting during the 3 weeks of the event to grow the membership.

Join Us

So, if you have a list and a product that can fit into the personal development niche, join us for this event.  It opens to members on December 13th, so you’ve got just over a week to get your gift set up.

Looking forward to seeing some great products and a nice growth in everyone’s list.

Merry Christmas!

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