It’s On!

Gary Simpson has declared war.  And he’s not alone.  A growing army of people are getting sick and tired of the direction that internet marketing is moving.

Gary is one of the guys that I’ve been learning more about in the past few months.  I really enjoy his no nonsense approach to marketing.  I also enjoy his rants against the seedy underbelly of the online marketing world, aside from the odd use of the name of Jesus as profanity.

This is the 2nd rant I’ve seen on his blog about this kind of stuff and I’m sure that there will be more.  I hope that there will be more!

If you’ve read some of the posts around here lately you’ll know that I’m pretty upset about the kind of crap that passes for marketing as well.  There are some people who truly want to help others and market solid products.  And then there are those who just want to pick your pocket.

There Are Others

Gary and I are not the only ones speaking out against this trend.  If you read through  the comments on Gary’s latest post (warning — there are tons of them) you’ll see that he’s hit a nerve with that post.

Maria Kuczborska wrote Spam In My Letterbox — How To Separate The Wheat From The Chaff describing the daily routine she follows to purge her inbox of the scourge of junk marketing.

Written from the point of a new internet marketer, Julie McElroy’s The Unethical World of Internet Marketing Scares Newbies gives an insight into what it is like for those who are just starting out.

And Andrew Hansen feels that there is a cancer in IM (and I’d have to agree with him).  Here is a quote from his article that really stood out.

The guys who do these launches and are the most unethical… make the most money. No one I mentioned on my list of “the wisest and most trustworthy marketers” do anything like the figures these guys do. That pisses me off but I guess that’s life.

And there are more posts like this popping up all over.  People are getting pissed off.  Heads will roll.  In the words of Indigo Mantoya “There will be blood tonight!”

So What Do We Do?

Well, the best thing you could do is just send lots of money to my PayPal account 8=)  That’s a joke, but if you want to send some please do.

We need to work together as marketers and consumers to encourage those who market with honesty and integrity — those who strive to provide value and build ongoing relationships to help you in return for your time and occasionally money.  We also need to educate the new folks (I hate the word newbie) so that they don’t buy into the hype surrounding these poor tactics.

I have a few ideas that I will share over the next few weeks/months.  But if you have ideas on how to approach this then share them.  Leave a comment.  Write a blog post and link it here.  Join the army.

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4 Comments on Let ‘Er Rip Gary!

  1. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the mention mate. I hadn’t seen these other posts – there really is a revolt building – this is awesome!


    • LoneWolf says:

      I’m really hoping that we can find a way to rebuild the trust of jaded potential clients and subscribers. We need to find a way that the nice guys and gals can finish first for a change.

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