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I don’t know exactly why A Knight’s Tale moves me so much. I don’t think it is just one thing, but rather a combination of things that work together to create a magical experience for me.

Basic Plot

Let’s start with the basic idea of the plot. Set in medieval times, the hero of the story is a squire who aspires to become a knight and compete in the tournaments. But given his peasant status he is not eligible.

The movie follows him as he takes advantage of an opportunity that presents itself and convinces his fellow squires to follow him to greatness. Along the way we see romance, honour and faithfulness emerge as themes. And there’s plenty of humour to keep you smiling (make sure you watch all the way to the end of the credits).

What Makes it Great?

But what makes the movie great? Well, there are several things that really make this fun for me.

The first is that while the movie is set in medieval times, they don’t bother trying to be true to history in the details. The basic idea that the director wanted to achieve was to portray jousting as the NASCAR of the time. So there are many touches that would offend historical purists, but make the story and characters easier to relate to.

The music is another big factor for me. I’m a classic Rock guy, so a soundtrack that includes Queen, Steppenwolf and other 70’s classics is a surefire winner in my books. This is one of the quirky things that I alluded to in the previous paragraph about the historical accuracy. It just works.

Then there are the characters. They are rich and entertaining characters played by some very talented actors. This movie introduced me to the work of Mark Addy and Paul Bettany in particular — two actors who have continued to amaze me with the work they’ve done.

Finally, while the story is cliche in so many ways, it is wonderfully told. We get to see what drives young William on this epic adventure and why his friends loyally stick by, through thick and thin. One quote sums it up:

“Oh, William. You aim too high.”

“If there’s any other way to aim I don’t know it.”

What to Watch For

As I mentioned before, make sure that you watch to the end of the credits  for a little surprise. I had to replay it several times for the kids 8=)

You’ll also want to watch the deleted scenes (unless you get the extended version). There are some that should really have been in the movie but they had to cut for sake of time. There are some fantastic scenes in there.

And I love Chaucer (Paul Bettany’s character). He is just so funny to watch and listen to. In some ways he made the movie for me.

What are you still reading this for? Get out and buy A Knight’s Tale or rent it! You should be watching!

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7 Comments on A Knight’s Tale

  1. Priyank says:

    Deleted scenes of the movies are better to watch…

  2. Hasan says:

    I buy A Knight’s Tale movie from amazon.com . It’a a nice action type movie . i like this movie.

  3. sunny says:

    i watched a knight’s tale movie, its quite interesting movie, good timing and watchable movie. i really liked it and also the review on this page.thank you

  4. Jack says:

    I have seen the movie and I will probably give 6.5 rating

  5. M. Ibarra says:

    Heath Ledger had an amazing performance as the titular hero but he was a phenomenal actor so I guess it was expected. Still, ‘A Knight’s Tale’ is a 7 for me.

  6. Ramesh Kumar says:

    agreed with priyank, deleted scenes are better and much more interesting. BTW Health Ledger is always awesome I still love his acting in The Dark Knight Rises

  7. Nagaraj says:

    When I read articles like this, I feel to be an actor. If I see some bloggers, I feel to be a pro blogger. Anyways, let’s wait and see. And really this a wonderful post. It’s really interesting. I liked the way of writing. Thanks for sharing with us.

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