Seven Ways to Screw Up Your List

Learn How to Build an Unresponsive, Unproductive and Unprofitable List in Seven Easy Steps

From the desk of Bill (LoneWolf) Nickerson
Friday, 1:16 PM
(Muskoka, Ontario)

You've heard that the money is in the list. It isn't. It is in the pockets of the subscribers on your list. If you want to learn how to keep it there then this report is for you.

Learn the seven secrets that will ensure that your subscribers get pissed off, tune you out and even mark your emails as spam.

This Free report outlines the ways that I've watched marketer after marketer screw their list right into the ground and waste all their hard work. The keys to failure are laid at your feet.

What's in the Report?

  • The 7 Secrets that ensure your online failure...
  • A really cool picture of me...
  • A Bonus 8th secret that will really help you screw things up...
Bill (LoneWolf) Nickerson

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